Call Daryl Washington a loser

28 Aug

So you know him personally. you don’t know the situation so technically you are the loser. He isn’t suspended right now. He just has not been reinstated. Not sure why you’d call him a loser. He was suspended for pot and $100 days you are a pot head yourself. if the rules that are in place now when he was positive (both times) he would have been suspended for 4 games not 4 games than a season. If you are referring to the domestic call as to him being a loser then again, that’s on you. You do t now what happened. His ex girlfriend was having a fight with her current boyfriend. Her son called Wassh. He went over and for the boy out of the house. When he came back the ex went off on him and start d to beat the hell out of him. He pushed her off of him and she fell and broke her collar bone. A very easy bone to break. He didn’t hit her, punch her or beat her. So  again why is he a loser? He is one of the best ILB in the league. He’d be playing if not caught between rule changes.  You are a Raider fan if all of what people think of Wash was actually true than he should be your hero!!! It’s easy to call someone names from behind a computer. Try moving out of mom’s basement and go call Wahinton a loser to his face. Watch how fast you go from thinking how cool you are to how much pain you’d feel. Actually I take that back. Knowing him he probably would just laugh at you. I wrote all of this just so one person out there besides his inner circle actually knows the truth. See you in the playoffs. Oh wait, You are a Raider fan, never mind they aren’t making the playoffs. Maybe in 2019.


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